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Downloadable Forms

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Form No. Forms of Download
BE82/713 Application for Exemption from CAES1000 Core University English

(Only for students admitted to FBE in 2017-18)


Deadline:  August 20, 2017 (Sunday) 23:59 (HKT)


1. For freshmen who receive admissions offer on or after August 7, 2017, the

    Faculty Office will inform you of the application details by email directly.

2. For freshmen who have achieved Level 5** in English Language in HKDSE,

    exemption from CAES1000 Core University English will be granted


BE83/713 re-amended Application for Exemption from Chinese Language Course


Deadline: September 1, 2017 (Friday)

BE84/713 amended Application for Credit Overload/Underload
BE85/713 amended Application for Change of Order of Study/Core Course Deferral
BE86/713 re-amended Application for Leave of Absence
BE87/713 amended Application for Waiver of Pre-requisite
BE88/713 amended Application for Taking Extra Introductory/Junior/Year One Level Courses
BE89/713 re-amended Application for Enrolment in Master of Economics (MEcon) / Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Courses
BE44/714 amended Application for Course Exemption
BE137/713 Application for Leave of Absence and Credit Transfer

(only for outgoing student exchange programmes)



BE12/813 Assumption of Risk and Release Form

(for students joining Faculty student enrichment programmes)

20/1011 re-amended

Form of Medical Certificate

100/613 amended Application for Testimonial

253/912 Application for Transcript ‚Äč



1. Please type and print clearly.
2. Students are required to adhere to the deadline and application instructions as specified in the application form
    or the relevant guidelines.
3. Should you have enquiries, please send an email to




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